I am a second year Masters student in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am currently interested in NP-Hard Optimization problems. Specifically, I am interested in convex relaxtions and non-convex approaches to combinatorial optimizations. I was previously involved in sparse signal recovery (commonly known as compressed sensing).

I have recently started working with Tom Goldstein in Algorithmic Phase Retrieval.

Check out my blog here where I write occasionally on interesting math tricks.

I also write on Quora


Fall 2016: CMSC 417  - Computer Networks (as TA)
Spring 2017: CMSC 131  - Object Oriented Programming (Java) (as TA)
Fall 2017: CMSC 250  - Discrete Structures (as TA)


Autonomous Cars - Developed a real-time lane detection module. Video
Structure from Motion - Implemented the full pipeline to reconstruct the 3D scene from multiple images.  Code
Semantic Mapping of 3D pointcloud - Given images of single and muliple cluttered table-top objects, generate 3-D pointclouds and do the following: Video 1 Video 2 Code
  • Construct 3-D model of the scene
  • 3D pointcloud Segmentation
  • Generating a semantic map

Relevant Courses

CMSC 828G: Graduate Computer Vision I by Rama Chellapa
CMSC 733: Graduate Computer Vision II by Yiannis Aloimonos
CMSC 764: Graduate Optimization by Tom Goldstein
STAT 600: Graduate Probability Theory by Leonid Koralov (current)
CMSC 737: Software Testing by Atif Memon (current)

University Service

Reviewer for MS applications to the computer science department for Fall 2017

Skills & Proficiency